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I am absolutely delighted to welcome Marilyn H. to the list of contributors to my site.  Her Lancer wallpapers, like LaJuan's are fantastic and I am very proud to be displaying them here. 






LaJuan has introduced you to the Lancer family, with her fantastic wallpapers, and beautifully put intros about each one. But to me, one family member stood out, the dark haired, Johnny Madrid Lancer, who I find so intriguing as is the man who portrays him, James Stacy. There are many sides and faces of the ex-gunfighter, the soft side, where heís loving, caring, always willing to lend a helping hand, and his passion, and loyalty for his newly found family. Then thereís the hard dark side, the dangerous side, whereas, he can be as deadly as a cobra, with a blink of a eye, he strikes with the swiftness of his gun. His dark looks and sapphire blue eyes just add to the gorgeousness of this man. In my wallpapers, Iíll show both sides of this cowboy, The Lancer side, and the Madrid side, as he makes the adjustments to his new way of life.  And later Iíll add the brothers together, as they grow and learn from each. I do hope you enjoy. 














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