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Some more of LaJuan's wallpapers!









Teresa O'Brien is the orphan daughter of Paul O'Brien, Murdoch Lancer's foreman.  She has lived all her life at Lancer and when her father is killed, Murdoch takes her in as his ward.  She considers Scott and Johnny Lancer her brothers and has no problem of barging into their rooms without knocking.




In the episode, The Heart of Pony Alice, Johnny's heart goes out to a small blonde headed girl, called Pony Alice.  Her dying uncle, her only relative, tries to find a home for her by auctioning her off as a servant.  Johnny finally finds someone to love the girl and leaves to go home.  I wondered if he ever missed her and that thought was the birth of this wallpaper.



After coming home to his father's house, Johnny Madrid Lancer broke a Palomino stallion and claimed it as his own.  The horse was immediately taken by his brother, Scott Lancer, and used to demonstrate his horsemanship skills. In the episode, The Kid, Barranca was stolen by a teen determined to hire a gunhawk to kill his father's attackers. Johnny's whistle and call to his horse showed his control over the animal.  Barranca backed up and dumped the kid.
Many of the episodes showed the closeness and ease between James Stacy, the actor, and the horse who played Barranca.









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