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"Yesterdays Vengeance"……Another wonderful episode this time with the brothers, and their love and loyalty to their father. When Murdoch went off to seek out an old enemy, and disappeared, his son’s went looking for him, to find him either dead or badly hurt, when one finds out truth, the other seeks vengeance, almost making a dreadful mistake.   Marilyn



"Warburton’s Edge"……was one of the best episodes that was ever made about the trials and tribulations of the Lancer family . Johnny was torn between his friends, and his loyalty to his father. Was he Lancer or Madrid, and when it came to putting that loyalty to the test, Lancer shined through. As my wallpaper says, *A son’s plea.*   Marilyn



Here are two story based wallpapers, the first is one a friend did for Christmas, and it was about the three wise men coming and paying an visit to the Lancer ranch when they were needed the most. One part of the story was about  Johnny’s mare and the hard time she was having in giving birth.  It had a happy ending, and in honor of that sweet warm story, I did a this one called *The new arrival.* 




This one is from one of my stories, called *Man of the year* a story about cruelty and prejudice in a growing town and how it gets out of control.  About a father’s search for his missing son.  I hope you enjoy these and will post this story when it’s finished. 




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