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by Marilyn






This wallpaper is about the trials and tribulations of friendship, and how it can turn on you within a heartbeat, and thatís what Johnny had to face in this moving episode from Lancer.   He was beholding to a sheep herder who had saved his life, and thought he had made a new friend. Until that friend in turn stole his girl. It backfired on him when she was killed over a dispute about sheep on cattle land.   One can never know whom to trust and the hard lessons you learn.





This wallpaper is about the Lancer family and how they were fighting to save their land from a dirty playing land grabber who wanted to build a railroad on Lancer land. The land grabber used the friendship of Murdoch and his long time lady friend to do it, as well as jealousies.  I did this with nothing but Johnny shots, as I just couldnít help it, since he had his share of trouble with these people.  I hope you enjoy these. 





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