AnnaMaria’s Heartbreak


Carolynn Bjorkmann




                                    AnnaMaria’s Heartbreak-Epilogue



     Diego would never have believed it.  Time had flown by.  He couldn’t recall being this exquisitely happy.  He nearly didn’t believe that it was possible to be so full of joy.  But here it was; one year later from the reunion he’d had with AnnaMaria.  He’d found her dull and nearly lifeless in the Monterey tavern, and now here she was with a vibrancy he didn’t even recall in their younger years.

     And the miracles that had taken place.  He’d found her again.  They’d finally found their chance at happiness; and with each other, no less!  Now he looked down at her with proof that yet another miracle had occurred.

     They’d become parents.  AnnaMaria was in exhausted slumber after childbirth.  He’d seen that she was still a young and beautiful woman when they’d reunited, but he never expected this.  Diego knew he would have been content just being married to her.  And now….now they had all their dreams come true.  A baby!  Diego thought he would burst with pride.

     AnnaMaria stirred.  Her eyes slowly opened and, recognizing Diego, took his hand in her own, and asked, sleepily, “What shall we name him?”




“A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes…”



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