A Birthday Wish



Alize Patterson




I love Alize's poems.   They are pure Guy and they succinctly and                  delightfully capture the essence of the man who has smitten and                  bewitched us with his charm and wonderful good looks.    Bravo, Alize!

Read on, Guy fans.......................





A picture-perfect bodily form
which makes us gaze and stare
A beautiful, refined specimen,
So precious and so rare.


What is it about that tall, dark man
that makes us weary and weak?
His great, big smile, his dazzling eyes,
his pants that sneaks a peek.


Our roving eyes move up and down,
as Guy floats in the room,
with shoulders so wide, to hold us close
and make our hearts go "Boom!"


The main explosion that hits us hard,
the first time he is viewed
can only be explained by oohs and ahhs,
and ice, both blocked and cubed.


From the top of your dark, luscious hair,
to the bottom of your shoe,
we raise our glasses to toast a wish
Happy Birthday to you!





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