God's Gift

by Alize Patterson









On a cold, snowy, New York day,
God looked upon the earth in dismay
He thought, "This world needs some joy around here
Let me see what I can do to bring more cheer."


As a couple awaiting birth, in the Bronx cold,
God announced, "They will receive the gift I will mold.
They'll receive a boy who will grow into a man
but only for awhile, will he live on the land."


He took from the sun, rays of light
to shine through the boy's pearly whites.
He took from the trees, strength and height
to make this gift a wondrous sight.


"Easy on the eyes," God said, "he will be,
that way you'll know he came from me."
His hair made dark just like the night sky.
Two stars were taken and placed in his eyes.


"When this boy grows into a man
The look he gives will be his command."
From the ocean He wove many waves in his hair
And added here and there on his body so bare.


Long arms, legs to walk with grace,
With a caring and loving look on his face.
Men will look up to him, women will swoon,
A hero for children from a catchy little tune.


He will have compassion and interest in mankind
he will be fun, well-liked, with an active mind,
full of elegance, charm and an adventurous way,
God rolled out his best and called it a day.


"He'll be human, no doubt, and make wrong turns,
but I'll be right there to see that he learns."
After completion of such a marvelous plan,
God said, "There shall be no other like this man."


So our gift from heaven will forever be part
of our group, our thoughts, our souls, our hearts.


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