Billy Bob Flybottom; a very tall tale


         Billy Bob Flybottom is a brand new early chapter book, written in the tradition of Paul Bunyan or Pecos Bill. The story takes place in the Appalachian Mountains a 'long, long time ago.' Billy Bob is the strongest, toughest, and hardest working youngin' in the mountains. He is also smart and creative.  See how he deals with a bully from a nearby holler.   

Illustrated by David Barrow and published by Doodle and Peck. (Free shipping from D & P).                     You can also order from Amazon.













Billy Bob Flybottom won 3rd place in the Royal Palm Literary Award (Florida Writers), for Children's Picture book, 2018), Oklahoma City Writers, Children's Picture Book, 2019, and Oklahoma Writers (state), Honorable Mention, Children's Picture book, 2019.


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