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featured in:


The Mendel Experiment,                 

Blue Fire,

Power Stone of Alogol


Corree is a mutant created to live on a planet deadly to humans. She is one of hundreds of young people sent to Mendel as an experiment to see if they could adapt and survive on the planet without help from their creators. As the leader of a group sent to the rain forest, she has no idea there are others like her. That is until the dreams begin haunting her sleep....

Riss: Leader of a mutant mountain group and someone Corree comes to admire greatly.

Greelon: an Ologrian scientist. Corree wonders if the stories about the Ologrians might be lies.

Tanna: Corree's 'right hand' family member.

Jeron: A human who first betrayed, then helped Corree. 

Corin: The elder Windemere's clone. 


Featured in  My House of Dreams

Noki:  is a young Native American whose only desire is to work with his father making the arrow and spear points his tribe needs. That changes when the mysterious Spaniards invade their territory, build structures on land that was once free and open, and teach a religion that Noki cannot understand. Then sickness invades and shatters the life his people have always known.



Father Antonio: was a living person, sent by Fr. deLasuen to build a new mission between San Diego and San Juan Capistrano. I have taken the few facts I could find and tried to show both sides of this tragic story as fairly as I could.

I researched the Payomkawichum (now called Luiseņo's) as much as I could and related their culture as accurately as possible while still telling the story.

Eti: Noki's brother, always inquisitive and impulsive.

Kawawish: the tribe's shaman.

Tahmahwit: Noki and Eti's mother.

Kwalah: Noki and Eti's father.

Maria: a mission Indian and Noki's friend.





Featured in Realms of the Cat. 

TB:  a young black cat, who finds out that all is not well in the place where he is living his second life. He recruits several of his former friends, a cat and dog, to go into his 'realm' to rescue the little girl kidnapped from his former family. 

Butch: a part St. Bernard who helps TB. 

Melvin: an old Melvin: a gray tabby. 

Lotus and Ming: Siamese cats who also help in the quest. 

Charlie: a crow who was friends with TB in his former life. 







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