MegaCon 2005




The last weekend in February was a great time, although it was too short...   I met a couple of friends in Orlando, and we did an excursion of the craziness called MegaCon.  I got some pretty good pictures and thought I would share them with you all.............. everyone was so nice. 



The Orlando Convention Center Lobby in front of the MegaCon area.




I almost didn't make this trip.  Tight funds, no reasonable airfares...  Anyway, I finally decided to drive down, taking a half day off work on Friday.  It was a long drive, but I finally made it down to Orlando by late evening.  I roomed with an internet friend that night and the next, and thoroughly enjoyed the little bit of time I had down there.   On Saturday, I met another internet friend and we made a beeline for the celebrity signing area, easing our way past the animé gaming section and all the monsters, star troopers and other strange creations from comics and cinema.  Gosh, it almost made me wish I had one of those dress uniforms from Buck Rogers.   My friends had already met Thom Christopher on Friday, but he was still the first person we went to see.  He was all smiles when he saw us, and gave me a great handshake.  Like everyone else I have met at these conventions, he got the "jelly treatment." (It was something I started when I went to an HWOF celebrity event.)  Anyway, Thom was delighted, then he signed a picture I picked out.  I loved his rendition of Hawk on Buck Rogers and told him so.  All of us had our picture taken with him and after talking a bit more, went on to see the other celebrities. 



Erin Gray  (Wilma Deering in Buck Rogers in the 25th Century).....  Erin is as beautiful as ever and such a lovely person.


Thom Christopher (Hawk in Buck Rogers in the 25th Century)--  What a nice man!  A real gentleman.



Gil was funny as usual and he also got a jar-- strawberry.  He even remembered the first jar-- strawberry.  Said he loved strawberry.  Anyway, we chatted and then on to see Erin.  She is as beautiful as ever, greeted us like old friends and we chatted there for a few minutes.  She got her treat and then on to see Felix (Silla, he was Twiki).  First thing he said.... "Thought you were moving to Vegas."  I told him I had-- for all of three months.  "You gotta give it more time," he replied.  I said I also had to have a job to live there, too and they don't like to hire anyone who's not been there for six months.  Anyway, he smiled, shrugged and said you do what you have to do.  I always like to talk to Felix.  A real sweet man with a wonderful sense of humor.  I can't believe I didn't get a picture of him.  He looked totally spiffy in his brown cowboy shirt and jeans.  



Gil Gerard (Buck Rogers in Buck Rogers in the 25th Century)-- Charming man.  I can certainly see where some of the craziness of the show came from.



Me, Thom Christopher, friends Jimma and Mariet..   I do think that Thom is one of the easiest to hug guys I have met, although Richard Hatch and Dirk Benedict are good in that regard, too.   Sigh.


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