MegaCon 2005




Me and Richard Hatch (Apollo on Battlestar Galactica).  Another very nice man.  I had met him last year in Knoxville. 

A candid shot of Richard.  He is one very busy man.  Comic series, books, guest appearances on the new BSG.


After talking to Richard Hatch, I went over and met Richard Herd.  I told him that I had come down from Athens, Tennessee.  He lit up and said, "You won't believe which little Tennessee town I grew up in."  I asked which and he replied, "Gatlinburg.... before it was "discovered."  I was totally astonished.  Said he, "There was a dirt road going to Cosby...."  And to Pigeon Forge, too, I bet, I added.  "Yes, there was," he replied.  He said one of his first acting jobs after going to New York was a production about John Sevier (a very famous historical figure from Tennessee.)  The producer wanted a couple of actors from Tennessee and Richard and another guy were called to go down and do the production.  Mr. Herd was very charming and he got a bit of down home goodness, too.  He is also a very good artist and a fair juggler, (he did that when the crowds slacked off.)  I told him he scared the bejeebers out of me playing John in the original mini-series "V."  He just smiled and said that was the general idea. 


Me and Richard Herd (V, Star Trek, T.J. Hooker, etc)



Sam J. Jones (Flash in the Flash Gordon movie)

Melody Anderson- (Dale Arden in the Flash Gordon movie)


Sam J. Jones and Melody Anderson were both very nice.  While the Flash Gordon movie wasn't one of my favorites, it's still a hoot to watch.  I thought it rather ironic that in the movie Jones was blonde and Anderson was brunette....  and here he was dark headed and she, blonde. 

By the time I had finished talking with them and Richard Herd, it was getting close to the time for the Buck Rogers Q & A session.  Our little group chatted while we waited outside the room for the session to begin.  Finally it was time to go in and after a bit of chair shuffling, everything was ready.....  And it was then that I realized that I forgot my video camera.  Sigh.


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