MegaCon 2007
February 16-18th




After lunch we went to the Anime pagoda and met Robert (also from the Voyage list).  Just as he said, it's nice to put faces to names and we chatted while we returned to David's table.  More pictures, more chatting.  David had offered me a cough drop earlier, which just shows that he had pegged me well.  Yak, yak, yak.......   Anyway, one of the other questions I had asked David was about the Love Boat appearances.  I had noticed that each of the stories within an episode had different writers, some different directors.  I asked him if he worked separately from the guest stars of the other stories and he said yes.  He and whoever was guest starring with him would work about three days and then the others would come in and work about the same amount of time.  It would all be edited together for the final episode.

Carol had more surprises for us.  She had made certificates of appreciation for not only David, (which us gals had known about,) but for each one of us!   I am so proud of mine and am going to frame it to put on the wall.  I have been a Voyage fan since it first came out, but wasn't a part of the internet Voyage fandom until a year ago.   Thanks, Carol!


Carol had more surprises!  Carol, Diane and David.


Kim and David.


David and his certificate of appreciation.



My husband wanted me to get a picture of Margot Kidder, and I did, too, so I went over to say hi .  I couldn't decide which picture I liked best of two that were my favorites, so I bought one of each, one for my sweetie and one for me.  I gave her my regards and my hubbie's, too, and then went over to see Efren Ramirez, the guy who played Pedro in Napoleon Dynamite.  I believe this could be considered a comedy routine.  I walk up and then say to him, "I haven't seen Napoleon Dynamite."  He gives me a funny look like he wasn't sure if he heard me right or maybe he just thought I was crazy.  I told him that my grown kids loved the movie and that it was a real hit out West.  I asked him if it was true that the film was done/set in Preston, Idaho and he said yes.  I said that my mother grew up in Preston (my grandmother did, too.  My kids live only a half hour from there.)  I bought a picture from him for me and one for my kids.  Ramirez's assistant said I should get one for each of my kids and I said no, they can have joint custody-- six months with one of them and six with the other.  We all chuckled over that one.


Margo Kidder

Efren Ramirez and me.


I took more pictures, we all got together again and went back to David's table.  I was intrigued with the models that John K. was selling and I bought a Flying Sub model.  I have always wanted a Flying Sub and this one was excellent.  David signed the box for me.  While the ink was drying, I wandered and took more pictures, bought a darling little dragon from one of the vendors, then I went back and waited out of the way for Carol, who was talking privately with David.  I was beat, so I found a comfortable spot out of the way and sat on the floor.  Seemed to be a proper way to rest in places where there were no chairs.
After that, it was time to leave.  I took the trolley with Carol and had a fine chat as we watched all the scenery along Universal blvd.  At the Doubletree, I ordered some shrimp cocktail, while Kim hooked up a portable DVD player and we prepared to watch our Voyage marathon.   There is nothing like watching favorite shows in a group.  It is some of the most fun imaginable.  While I was downstairs getting the shrimp cocktail, Lin showed up.  A little later, Diane showed up, too.  We were set.  In went "The Phantom Strikes."  Oh, it was so good!!  Then we watched "The Return of the Phantom."  Lots of commentary on these, although less on the last one.  David was absolutely stunning in that episode.  No wonder I remembered it so
well.  Occasionally John  would show up and tell us anecdotes.  At one point he said David had asked what we all talked about at these little parties. (Considering we had never met each other before that was a fair question.)  HIM! was the quick response.  John is a funny, sweet, dear man and I thoroughly enjoyed his visits.     Then we watched "Mechanical Man" (this one had the added bonus of having James Darren) and finally "The Mermaid."  Oh, did we have fun with that one.  There could have been nothing in the script to prepare me for the body language and facial expressions that Basehart and Dowdell did in this one.  Hedison, as the mermaid-smitten captain, was the straight man for the other two.  I was almost rolling on the floor. Needless to say it was quite late (or rather should I say early?) before Kim and I got back to our room and got to bed.

End of Friday adventure.....


The local security force.  <wg>

Samples of the Robot Invasion--  some walked and talked.


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