MegaCon 2007
February 16-18th





Saturday, a new day....  


Kim and I slept in and when we woke up, we chatted about, what else?  Stories and David.  It was only when Lin called that we realized how late it was.  We hurriedly got ready (I wore my TN Vols shirt in honor of Lin and Kim's Gator affiliation) and then went to the Village Inn where we had breakfast/lunch.  Then we all piled into Lin's car and headed to the convention center.  Diane had told us that it was best to go around two, so we got there about that time and, of course, we headed to David's table.  It had been moved to an empty space between the two Lois Lanes, (Noel Neill and Margo Kidder), because of a problem with falling partitions in the previous location.  Still, we had unerring sense of direction and were only deterred by the horrendous crowds.      I had left my dragon in Carol's room, so she had brought it earlier and left it at his table in John and Diane's custody.  We chatted a bit more.  I asked David how it felt to play straight man to Richard and Bob's comedy routine.  And the mermaid, too, he added and I laughed.  Yes, the mermaid.  Kim and Lin elaborated a bit and he said he had to watch that one again.  We met Casey from the list, but she wasn't able to stay long because she had her family with her.  (Lin, Kim and I missed her later at the hotel because of the traffic, but that is another story....)

I told David that "Return of the Phantom" was all that I remembered and more.  I thought he was extraordinary in it and that he should have received at least an Emmy nod for it.  He kind of patted me on the shoulder and said something in appreciation.  I tell you I meant every word!  That was a phenomenal performance. 




Lin and David



After that we split up because I wanted to get a picture of Kevin Sorbo and the others didn't want to at the time.  I first went to see Bob May again because he now had a B-9 next to his table.  Not just any B-9 robot, but a full sized one.  I had seen them the day before, but at a vendors booth.  This B-9 spoke lines from Lost in Space, blinked and was exactly like the one that Bob May wore on the show.  The creator told me it took him three years to build it and I told him it was stunning. I asked Bob if he had been asked to pose with it and he said, "Lots!"  I told him I was going to ask him, too, as soon as he finished his brownie.  He did and I snapped a couple of pictures of him with the Robot. 




The wait for a picture and autograph from Kevin Sorbo was 45 minutes but finally I got a picture.  You would be absolutely amazed at what you can see, talk about and take pictures of while waiting in a line for 45 minutes.   To the right of Kevin Sorbo's table was Jamie Bamber, the actor who plays Apollo on the new Battlestar Galactica.  I don't watch the show and didn't really have the time to get in line to say hi to him, but I did snap off a couple of pictures.  Behind me in the line to meet Kevin was a woman who had dressed as Xena.  I swear, she did look like Lucy Lawless and the costume was very well done and uh, it fit rather well.   On the other side were gamers playing something that looked something like Sim City.  I had carried my dragon with me, finding it much easier to have it on my shoulder (with the tail around my neck) and had several people stop and ask me where I got it.  He was still there when I finally made it to talk to Kevin Sorbo.  I picked out my picture, paid for the autograph and said hi to him.  He signed the picture looked up and said, "You have a dragon on your shoulder."  I responded with something akin to, "'s my nod to silliness." Or something like that.  He just smiled and said, "It's better than having a chip on your shoulder."  That elicited a chuckle.    


Jamie Bamber


Kevin and fan


Gamers' area


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