MegaCon 2007
February 16-18th




I wasn't even in his line! 

Lin and David.  He was so sweet to all of us.



I wanted to meet Sean Astin, but my money ran out about the time that the ATM ran out.  Plus there was the fact that I just didn't have much time to stand in another line.  I had to be happy with a picture.  When he saw me taking a picture, Sean was very accommodating and smiled for me.  I tried to look at some of the vendor's wares.  It was an absolute madhouse, packed from wall to wall and it got frustrating.  I finally found a copy of Time Travelers with Richard Basehart, but finally it just got too much and I left the hall.  I took some pictures from the mezzanine and then went back down where I ran into Lin and Kim.  I had bought a Catwings kitty from the dragon booth on my way out and Kim wanted one, too, when she saw mine.  We also wanted to say good-bye to David since I had to fly out the next morning and Lin was going to drive home that night. 


I have met a lot of wonderful people over the years, but David is about the nicest, hands down.


When we got to the table and David was free, I told him that I considered him my good luck person.  A little back story..... the summer before when I met him in Cleveland, I had told him that I had only been able to go then because my temporary/interim library job was paying me through the summer.  I told him that two weeks after the Cleveland con, I had been offered a contract at the same school.  I showed him a picture of it, a very old school built in 1931.  I said it was a great school, radiators and all and he said it looked like a wonderful place.  I then told him that I wanted to say good-bye and he asked me when I was leaving.  I told him and he said he must properly give me a good-bye.  He leaned forward, wished me a safe trip and then kissed me on both cheeks.  I swear I floated out of that hall.  What a sweet, caring man.  

After the three of us popped the popcorn at our hotel, we spent a bunch of time in traffic on I-Drive, stopped and ate at a lovely Japanese restaurant, more time in traffic, we made it to Carol's room and after Diane came up, watched part of "Eleven Days to Zero."  We did more yakking than watching but it was again almost midnight before we left.  I will never forget the lovely, wonderful time we had together.  It was way too short, but so much fun.  Thanks to Kim for taking me to the airport Sunday.  Thanks to Lin, Carol, Kim, Diane and John for the time we spent together.  How great to meet Robert and Casey-- wish there had been more time.   And thanks to all of you and to David for making this a weekend to carry with me forever. 



The hall with Lou Ferrigno in foreground.

Noel Neill and a fan.


The next page contains more photos.  I hope you enjoy looking at them them as much as I did taking and posting them. 


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