Central Park Bench  Dedication-

October 25th, 2002





Mary greeting Janice and Guy, jr.


Mary was a wonderful master of ceremonies.  She told the history of the bench effort, of Guy's and Janice's ties to the Park and the city.  Then there were readings of poetry. Contributions were from Jo, SueZZZ, Mary Lou.  There were contributions by SueZZZ, and I felt privileged to be able to read a lovely haiku from Karla.  I was surprised and embarrassed when Mary asked me to help her and Wendell unveil the bench.  There are so many who have done so much more.  Someone reminded me of the mugs, but without Patís exquisite drawings, and without Sue2's support, there would have been no mugs.  I am totally amazed at what friendships I have made in the last four-plus years.  I am amazed, no, I am very grateful for the caring, loving relationships forged because I rediscovered Guy Williams.   Thank you, Guy. 

Janice and Guy, jr. were so very touched by it all. Maryís singing of "When you Wish Upon a Star" near the end of the dedication was beautiful and fitting, and Guy, jr. and his motherís words were a fitting finale.   Then we were left to more informally greet each other.  Janice talked about her and Guyís times in NYC until she finally had to leave to catch her plane.   I wish I could remember all that she said about her experiences.  It was like sitting at the feet of my mother and listening to times gone by. 



Ginger, Maureen and Pat



"Out of the Night Came Magic

Guy Williams (1924-1989)

The Friends of Zorro and John Robinson

Salute the park Guy and Janice loved."  



We then converged on an Italian restaurant named Putanesca's (yes, Mary, this was my first New York City cab ride), where we laughed, talked and enjoyed the wonderful food.  (In my case, I over-enjoyed the wonderful food!)  It was wonderful sitting elbow to elbow celebrating that special morning.  Afterward, most of the group went back to the hotel to rest and get warm, but Jill and I decided to go to Ohlingerís and see what pictures were available.  (Forget eBay, Ohlinger's is the mother of all photo collectors stores.)  On our way back, we stopped at a deli and picked up some goodies for the eveningís get-together.  I got to ride my first subway.  Jill was incredulous.  ďYou mean you have never ridden a subway before?Ē she asked.  No, said I, because I donít think that the subway at Hartsfield International Airport in Atlanta counts.  No ambience. But I felt transported back in time to the Victorian era when we entered that station and all I could think about was how Guy and Janice rode those subways together so many years ago. 

We congregated in Maryís hospitality suite at the hotel where we enjoyed videos of you-know-who.  We indulged in Italian salami and cheese and crackers, laughed and talked some more and generally had a good time.   What a wonderful, beautiful, memorable day!  



In the hospitality suite.  Kathy G., Julia, and Alize watching videos.




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