Central Park Bench  Dedication-

October 27, 2002 (Day Three)




On Sunday, folks went in several different directions.   I opted to go to church down by Lincoln Center before making a day of it in Central Park.  While it was a bit chilly, it was still a beautiful day.  When I found out where church was being held, I did what most New Yorkers do and hailed a cab.  That was a new experience for me as well, taking a cab to church.  I rubbernecked the entire way as we sped down the road.   One observation that I made while in Manhattan, was that you had to look up to see if it the sky was blue, because otherwise it seemed overcast, all because of the shadows of the tall buildings.  I was let off at the conjunction of about five or six roads, where traffic was going everywhere, but I made it across alive.  I have never gone to a church meeting via an elevator in something that looked like an office building, either.  And I have never attended a meeting of deaf churchgoers.  It was not only intriguing watching the songs done in sign, but elegant and beautiful.  I couldn’t help but imagine how precise conversation could have been between Diego and Bernardo if they had both known ASL.  But then we wouldn’t have been treated to some very wonderful scenes between our heroes, either.

I got back to the hotel the same way I came, except this time the avenue was closed off for a huge flea market.  When I made it back to the room to change, Mary and Jo were about ready to head out to the park.  I quickly donned my ‘hiking’ duds, grabbed my cameras and headed out the door.   We walked up 7th avenue where gyro venders vied with those selling corn.    It appeared that one could buy just about anything they wanted on the street that day.   The three of us took the ‘long’ tour of Central Park, not getting back until two o’clock that afternoon.   Then while we were resting in Mary’s suite, munching on pastrami, salami, cheese and crackers, Mary got a call from SueZZZZ and Paulette.  They were in the park on the bench and wondering about the day’s itinerary.   Mary quickly said she would meet them and take them on the ‘short’ tour.   I decided I would go back with her, as I just couldn’t seem to get enough.  I also wanted to get some video, too.  I had not even thought of the video camera the previous jaunt through the park, having taken over a roll of pictures with my 35mm camera that first trip. 

Jo decided that she had not had enough of the park, either, and, again the three of us set out, not taking very long to reach the bench.  (It seemed amazing by this time that I could ever have gotten lost trying to find that wonderful spot.)  SueZZZ and Paulette were waiting for us, warming Guy’s bench. 




Flea Market, 7th Avenue


These folk were everywhere, hunting for the acorns that  seemed to be falling in torrents on us as we sat at the bench.  Do you think someone up there was having a fine joke? 


To say that Central Park is a beautiful place is an understatement.  It is peaceful and quiet despite the numbers of people, who, like us, were enjoying the break from the harried pace of the city.  The Mall, where Guy’s bench is located, is lined with stately elms and equally stately statues, mainly those of authors.  Benches line almost the entire walkway, some, like Guy’s, with plaques and some waiting their turn to honor some other loved and respected person.  While we were there, one fellow was playing a sax, while another had an accordion.  We also heard the haunting notes of bagpipes in the distance.  The streetlights that lined the walkways seemed almost Victorian, and many probably dated from that era.  Mary said that this park had been planned for well over one hundred years and what we see today is pretty much what was envisioned over a hundred years ago.  Wow!!   The paths and sidewalks were lined with grass and flowers, or were in areas where children could climb rocks and play hide and seek.  (Do you think back in the late fifties, early sixties, New York children went there to play Zorro?  I would like to think so.  And how appropriate that would be!)  


I simply called this the view.  Lake and ball fields.


 Can you imagine playing Zorro here?



Mary, Paulette and me enjoying the Mall.  Photo by SueZZZ




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