Central Park Bench Dedication-


October 27, 2002  (Day Three)







The buildings were quaint; some had a distinct Bavarian flavor.  The Dairy is a visitor’s center now, but once housed a real dairy where children could get free milk, directly from the cow.  There is a building nearby, with a beautiful carousel with gateposts that had the nursery rhyme, “All the Pretty Little Horses” engraved on it.  (“Hush-a-bye don't you cry/ Go to sleep, little baby/ When you wake you shall have/ All the pretty little horses/ Blacks and bays, dapple grays/ Coach and six white horses/ Hush-a-bye don't you cry/ Go to sleep, little baby.”)  And I pictured Guy and Janice taking Steve there. 

On the first trip to the park, Mary, Jo and I visited a building that looked like a castle.  Mary explained that it was used as a backdrop for Shakespearian plays that were held in the summer.  That day they were having a Halloween celebration with a man doing some kind of Halloween play.  I would have liked to have this place to myself, to just explore, climb and look out over that part of the park without all of the crowds.  But I can imagine.  There was also a building that looked like a Swiss chalet near a rustic walk called Shakespeare’s Garden.  In the Mall, by the chalet and in other places, several Japanese newlyweds were having their wedding pictures taken.  There sure couldn’t have been a prettier place to use as a backdrop. 

Throughout our walk, I kept feeling Guy’s presence.  I kept wondering, “Did Guy walk here?  Did he bring Steve to this place?  Did he and Janice sit here and hold hands?”  Often I would ask Mary, “Was this around fifty years ago?”  Most of the time she said yes.  The Sheep’s Meadow, where Guy stamped his “I love you” message in the snow was absolutely beautiful with the trees just coloring.  Janice had said that the meadow had been leveled some since the early days of their courtship and marriage.  We spent some time at the chess and checker house, where we all imagined Guy as a young man, playing chess. We walked the Bow Bridge and watched the ducks, boaters, swans and a gondolier on the lake singing as he glided along.  I wondered if Guy took Janice out on the lake in a rowboat and felt that he probably did.  We did rubbings on the bench plaque on our way back.  (Or rather Jo did, with SueZZZ’s help.)  While we were there, someone sitting nearby asked about the bench.  We explained and she asked us if we could sing the Zorro song.  (Could we sing the Zorro song……. ?  Silly girl!)  Of course, we could sing the Zorro theme and we promptly did.  And if I say so myself, it was a lovely chorus.  Mary held her hand out to passersby for donations, but I suppose they didn’t share our enthusiasm.  



                 The Carrousel


                      Across the lake




The Castle


It was a wonderful day, and later, eight of us got together at a little diner near the park for a late dinner.  Then there was one last night in Mary’s room.  We watched ‘An Affair of Honor’ and ‘Invitation to Death’ with Capitán Do-Wrong.  Julia and Alize joined us after their day at the Chiller convention and we yakked and reminisced some more.  It was fun, but almost bittersweet, as there were already a few of our numbers already gone, (Kathy G., Maureen and Wendell).  By that same time the next day, I would be back home. 

All of this reminds me of the film, “It’s a Wonderful Life,” wherein George Bailey is told by an angel that a man who has friends is very rich, indeed. 

I have all of you.    I am a millionaire……………


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