Mission Bench Dedication


Saying Good-bye to the Mission






Again, Alize summed it up so well.  These could have been my words, but she said them so much more eloquently.  "We are a group that likes to linger around and did we ever!  Being that I was in no hurry to go anywhere.  I strolled around the grounds, admiring the scenery and holding on to what I just witnessed that day." 

It was a treat being able to wander through the mission without worrying about time.  I saw the Zorro door, the Luiseņo Indian display, the smaller gardens.  I chatted with Guy jr. and Jan McDonald some more and visited the gift shop.  Too soon it was time to go back to Los Angeles.  Too soon it was time to leave this wonderful place.  I hated to leave.  The mission is such a beautiful place.





         Small courtyard                                            Well house near pepper tree  



                                                Statue near door of chapel



Bench is near the bottom right hand corner.



Putting away the costume.


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