Mission Bench Dedication



HWOF Star Reunion



Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel


Sunday, August 3, 2003





The mission bench dedication was not the only thing happening this weekend.  Thanks to Kathy G. we were able to get together at the Hollywood Roosevelt for a reunion celebration of Guy's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  

Several of us went to church that morning and got to the Roosevelt in time to meet everyone as they were preparing to go 'visit' the star.    Julz- "We walked down to the star... and everyone had their picture taken.  At one point, I think Kathy C. had about eight cameras hanging around her neck so that she could get a shot of the group with everyone's camera.  {A couple of the husbands} were also helping." 








Julz- "The inside of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel main lobby has been redone since two years ago.  Gone are the sound dampening carpet and many comfy chairs.  Instead it looks more like a Spanish courtyard, complete with turned columns, arches, tile and hard acoustic.  But the dining room was the same." 

We congregated around smaller tables in the dining room, but circulated and had a great time while we ate.  BarBara Luna was there, as was Guy, jr. and his mother.   Julz- "...at each table you could see and hear very animated conversations, often accompanied by peals of laughter.  You could tell that everyone was making the most of the time being with each other, telling stories and sharing experiences." 




                             Guy Williams, jr.                                                Janice Williams

 At the luncheon.......   (and I thought that all the conversation was said the day before.... not!!), I asked Janice Williams, (who came from Bolivar, TN) if she remembered anyone in her family using white porcelain door knobs in the hen boxes.  Yes, she most certainly did, and there ensued another lively conversation about old timey Southern customs.   And no, do not ask me about the June Bug jelly that Guy kept teasing me about........  LOL!!!



BarBara Luna.

   Lovely, lovely person.  She has had some memorable roles besides that of Teresa, the tamale dealer.  We had a very animated conversation about her appearance as Koori in "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century."



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