Mission Bench Dedication


The Tour-

Garden of the Gods

August 3, 2003





When the luncheon broke up and we had said our goodbyes to Guy jr., his mother and BarBara Luna, most of us headed for various places to change into hiking clothes.  Then it was off to the Chatsworth area to see some of the Zorro shooting sites.  I had been on this tour before, two years previously, and, while we didn't have all the venues this time that we had before, we had the great pleasure of having more time to spend at the Garden of the Gods and up at the Bell/Berry ranch.   And the weather was perfect!

Alize- "A caravan of four cars drove to the Garden of the Gods.  While Kathy G. gave us her history lesson from the episodes, I yelled to Bonnie if she was going to do her Diego-gallops-through-the-rocks impersonation.  Kathy joined Bonnie and we had a duet of galloping riders, coming-around-the-mountain, when she comes!  We hiked around while looking for certain scenes with Kathy's pictures.  It was warm and the sun shone brightly.  We could feel the change in our skin color, for those who stayed out in the sun."






      Bonnie and Kathy doing their best Diego and Bernardo impression.



                                                        The gang on the rocks!                        


From Nancy- "I guess my favorite part of the trip was going up to The Garden of the Gods and seeing where they shot some of the episodes. That was really pretty up there!  The scenery was just beautiful."




                        To get an idea of the height, see the runner?



                          Wendell, Maureen & Nancy at an old shooting site.    




I've seen this one in more than just Zorro!!




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