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By Monday, some folks had already gone home, others did individual or small group things, some slept in after the hectic but fun schedule of the weekend.  For most it was a day of leisurely pursuits-- maybe a bit of shopping, sightseeing, taking care of last minute things before heading back to our various points around the globe. 

On Monday night, we had one last get-together, those of us who were left, at Bonnie's apartment.  There was pizza, salad, dessert, and a great deal of talking and viewing of tapes.  Even more than the night before, we chatted, laughed and enjoyed each other's company, because on Tuesday, most of us would be gone.  It was a wonderful, poignant, happy time.  I hated for it to end.  I hated for this time with all my friend in Guy to close. 

I stayed for another day and spent it with Alize, shopping and just relaxing at her cousin, Joe's house.  A last get-together with Sue Schuck and Alize, and I, too, was heading home.  Elise stayed a few days longer as did Julz and Maureen and Bonnie and Wendell.  They visited other area sites during their extra time.  But finally it was over and we found ourselves, not talking about what was to come, but all the wonderful times we had enjoyed. 

And it was wonderful.  Words cannot express the joy that is in my heart when I remember this week I spent with all of you in California this summer.   Thank you, all.  Thank you so much for this time, this memory, for your friendship.

I hope to be able to get together with all of you again next year; I hope that God will keep you all and someday brings us together to share the happiness and joy of this friendship that we have.

















Cyndy said something recently that seems so appropriate to end this remembrance:  "In Hawaii, we call it ohana- a group of people who become a family though shared interests and caring about each other. 

Aloha, ohana...................



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