Mission Bench Dedication


Friday, August 1st, 2003

Day Two





             Plaque standing outside the Mission San Luis Rey



Flags that have flown over the mission in the over 200 years of its existence.



Again, I did a bright and early, (body does funny things in a different time zone), so I read the local newspaper that was left by the door.  When I got to the second section, I almost jumped out of the bed howling.  There was a story about the bench dedication.  I was ecstatic.  I couldn't believe it.  (Only later did I find out that there were other articles the day before.)  Gail and I immediately went to the front desk and bought what they had left, but that was not enough so I went across the street to a gas station and picked up almost a dozen more.  We all sat by the pool with our continental breakfasts and our newspapers, reading about the coming events.  I think until that time, it all seemed surreally in the somewhat distant future, but that article made me come to the realization that the dedication was-- tomorrow!  

Finally, we got ready to travel to Old Town in San Diego and headed out, stopping by the mission on the way.  It was like the two years since my last visit was nothing.  It was just the same.  It was beautiful. 

I almost passed out when I saw the bench and plaque that morning.  Mary Lou had seen it the day before and she almost had to direct me like a child to sit down and understand the reality of what we had all done.  I was speechless for a moment. (No comments from the peanut gallery!!)  It is so beautiful, in such a serene place. I have to admit, I cried as I touched the bronze plaque.  I felt even more that this was God inspired, that this place was left for us to celebrate and honor Guy's life.  It was in the perfect place, almost under the bell tower where Zorro repelled from the top, right next to the children's part of the old cemetery and near the exit where everyone will see it.  I can never express how grateful to Rita for first bringing this to the group's attention and for Mary Lou and Rita for suggesting that we do it.  And to everyone who has done so much to honor Guy in all the past events that have taken place. 





It was decided to take the coast highway, at least part of the way down to San Diego, and we headed out on 101, seeing the sights and enjoying the view of the beach.  As we had spent a great deal of time at the mission, we stopped at another famous eatery, the 101 Cafe and had burgers for lunch.  We continued down the road, finally getting on the Interstate when we came to construction.  Sue Schuck had this to say about our misadventures in finding Old Town.  "I will never forget just how much fun we had getting lost going 10 miles to Old Town.  Thank you all for the laughs, tears, smiles and a wonderful time."  

At one point, I was out by a busy intersection flagging Sue's car down when we finally received directions that would get us there.  We did have a great laugh over that.



101 Cafe


Band playing in Old Town


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