Mission Bench Dedication


The Day of the Dedication

The Tour




The tour started in the chapel.  Said Julz, "Father Ben's booming voice echoed under the vaulted ceiling of the church and yet, when we went outside to see the courtyards, "Zorro" arch and the wonderful pepper tree, his voice seemed to fill that space also. He was so impressive, including the cool sunglasses he was wearing."

Alize- "Father Ben was hilarious as he explained the history and structure of the mission.  He seemed to fit right into our group.  The acoustics in the chapel was absolutely amazing.  You can hear what was going on in the front of the chapel, from the back of the chapel.  Father Ben completely kept our interest with all his stories and information."

Julz- "I have to mention the inside of the church.  It had... statues and icons, but what struck me was the decorative painting.  All of the massive timbers that held up the roof were painted with colorful designs.  And there was a wainscoting painted on the lower half of the walls, (that Father Ben told us was eight feet thick at the base! -- all the better to withstand the shaking of the earth) in dark blue with colorful curlicue-like designs above it, and decoration along the top of those magnificent walls, where ceiling molding would be.  The designs reminded me of an illuminated manuscript in their beauty and colorfulness."

Alize- "After {Father Ben's} brief introduction, we were able to tour and take pictures of the inside of the chapel.  Some of the statues and paintings just made you feel very solemn. There were a lot of people, so contemplation in solitude was pretty much impossible. If you could just stand and ignore most of the people, you could feel the strength and spirit of the mission.  I wonder if that is what Guy felt, when he visited?"



                                                               The interior walls of the mission.



After finishing his short history, Father Ben invited all who were interested to go into the organ loft to see where the scene between Guy and Britt was filmed.  I did not go up this time as there were more people than there were two years ago, but it was fun to see the excitement on the faces of those who were up there for the very first time. 



From the organ loft.




These are behind the alter at the front of the chapel.


With time running out, Father Ben escorted us out through the smaller side chapel and through the cemetery and to the 'orange grove.' 



Out by the orchard showing a scene from the episode that featured the orange grove.  The orchard is smaller now, the mission having build a garage on part of the land.  But there were still limes and oranges growing on the trees that were left.   And yes, Father Ben is very cool looking in his shades.



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