Mission Bench Dedication


The Actual Dedication & Blessing of the Bench





Soon it was time for the dedication.  I was delighted to see Guy jr, his mother, sister and nephew coming down the aisle.  They looked wonderful.  Nando had grown tremendously in two years and looked so much like his grandfather.  They sat in front and Father Ben began, explaining how the program would go.  Then it was my turn.  I don't remember much of what I said.  I said something. I was told it sounded good, but my own personal jury is still out on that one.  Mary Lou read her beautiful essay.  (Click on link to read.)  So wonderful, so eloquent and so much what is in our hearts about the influence of Guy's Zorro.   Then I read my essay, it conveyed how I felt about the mission.  Next, Gail read her wonderful poem, and so eloquently, too.  Then Elise recited her lovely, poignant poem about Guy and his alter-ego, Zorro. 

Guy jr., spoke, introducing his family and saying a few things.  I believe what struck me most was the fact that he mentioned his dad being there, something I firmly believe as well.  (click on the link for more thoughts on that.)

After that, Father Ben began the part of the dedication that preceded the actual blessing of the bench.  I am not Catholic and not familiar with responsive singing, but it was beautiful and touched my heart.  We next proceeded outside to the bench, where I had left my cape and Pat Schabram's wonderful Diego montage.  Father Ben blessed the bench with holy water, each member of the family did the same, with Nando's exuberant finale.  Then the bench was officially unveiled by Guy's family.  Father Ben said a dedicatory prayer and then everyone gathered round to take pictures. 

"It was easy to tell that this whole experience touched all of us very deeply," said Mary Lou.   Gail-  "Yes, I did shed tears, but they were tears of happiness and joy.  We were there to remember Guy Williams' life...."   

I think we all shed tears of happiness and joy. 







The family posing for bench pictures.






Mary Lou adds a bit of humor here.  Thoughts that are funny now, but they were sure being considered back when we were about to get up in front of one hundred and fifty people......     "Next time I'm just going to pretend I'm Bernardo and keep pointing to my mouth and ears while shaking my head 'no'.  In my head I was eloquent...no, really!  Out of my mouth I was doing my best imitation of a six-month old.... Don't you just hate it when your head and mouth disengage?"  

I totally understood the feeling here, but I must say (and I have watched the tape of the dedication several times), Mary Lou was a fantastic speaker. 





Dueling cameras



Elise gave roses to the family




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