Mission Bench Dedication


The Barbecue

(or Lunch and a Show)

August 2, 2003




After lots and lots of pictures, the bell tower tolled the hour.  Father Ben reminded us of the barbecue luncheon and we began drifting toward the back of the mission where the food was being served.  The breeze was pleasant, offsetting the bright sunlight.  We all chatted with each other, ate (it seems we do that a lot, don't we?), chatted some more.  There was a reporter from the North County Coastal News interviewing the family and Father Ben.  The article appeared the next week. 






Everyone was still enjoying themselves in the relaxed atmosphere that the mission afforded when we began hearing strange noises from around the corner of the mission. 

 Alize- "Suddenly we heard the clanging of swords, as all the fans rushed, (yes, rushed) to catch a glimpse of .....Zorro!  And he was fighting his foe, Sgt. or Corporal Vega.  They fought near the side of the mission as Zorro kept disarming his rival.  Of course, the enemy was defeated and Zorro left his mark on the poor soldier's pants.  The duo decided to fight once more, but this time Zorro took his cape off.  Again, the clash of swords echoed through the grounds as the fans held their breath in hopes that their hero would be victorious.  (Sorry, my writing got in the way, but it sounded nice, didn't it?)  Zorro didn't let his fans down.  Following the duels, the time came for the fans to meet Zorro and the Spanish soldier.  The was a special treat for me, because I had never seen the two men dressed up before."














Guy jr, me, Mary Lou, Jan M. and Wendell





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