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2- Day Two

3- Day Two cont.

4- Dedication Day

5- Dedication, tour

6- Tour cont. 

7- Dedication

8- Barbecue

9- Last Glimpses

10- Adios Mission

11- Star Reunion

12- Site tour

13- Site tour cont.

14- Endings

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Mission San Luis Rey

Bench Dedication

August 2, 2003






These pages not only celebrate a beautiful place, a special man, but more importantly, a wonderful group of people.   So before I begin to write anything, I just want to dedicate these mission pages to all of my friends in Z, the fans of Guy Williams.  You are all so very special and have enriched my life so much..........   Salud!



The dedication took place on August 2nd, 2003, at the Mission San Luis Rey, at 12:00 noon.  It was preceded by a special Zorro tour, conducted by Fr. Ben Innes and it was followed by a barbecue.  The next day, we enjoyed a luncheon at the Hollywood Roosevelt, where two years ago we celebrated the award of the star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  Then there were tours. I hope the words and pictures that follow do the events justice. 



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