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There has been so much said, so many feelings expressed, that I feel that some of what I say may be redundant, but I wanted to place a few thoughts on paper....

The entire way out, I couldn't quite get over the fact that I was actually on my way to Hollywood.  It was finally happening.  I was so very excited when I got to LA and really thought that there would not be anyone there to meet me, that I quickly got my bags and found one of those super shuttles that Kathy Gregory had talked about, not knowing that a few more minutes and I would have met up with Pat Crumpler, Ginger Lemons, Lise Bergeron and Ellie de Mol.  I kept wondering where everyone was and felt bad when I found that they had arrived at the airport about the time that I had found my bags and left that madhouse.   We finally got together at the Roosevelt. 
It was fun in the hotel room at night, like a grownup slumber party.  Pat liked her sleep and I just can't sleep past a certain point, especially when I am excited.  With her blanket over her head, she's say--"Sue!" whether it was me or someone else. 


This is the Hollywood Roosevelt, right in the middle of Hollywood.  I really enjoyed staying here and loved the ambience. 

Me and Charlie Chaplin.  Lise shot this when we took our tour of the Roosevelt and other nearby places.  He sits in the lobby of the hotel.  Lise and I couldn't help but think that this should be Guy, especially when Lise sat in Charlie's lap.


The beginning of the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  It was near hear that Guy's star was installed. 


Lise and I took the tour of the Roosevelt while we waited for others to show up.  What a joy it was to see folks arrive...  Elise and her two friends from Italy, Gail and Joe and Keliana from the delta, Julep, Mary Sheeran, Ellie (who had stayed at a different hotel the nights before), Jo, Rocky, Ans and Erik and Marian Robinson and so many, many more, too numerous to name. 
Some of us went to the La Brea tar pits, then a few of us hunted for Guy's old house that he lived in back during the Zorro and LIS days.  Ginger is a killer navigator.  She is fearless in traffic.  When we found the house, I was really in awe.  It is really a beautiful home, majestically perched on the side of a fairly steep hill in Beverly Hills.  It is also in a very secluded and private neighborhood, so we had to be extra careful not to do anything that would upset the residents.


Hollywood Blvd. looking toward Sunset Blvd.  This is right in front of the Bank of America, where Guy William's star is located.  We stood out here the next morning for the ceremony. 

La Brea tar pits.  I kept seeing Monastario and the lancers falling into the tar pits in one of the early episodes. 


The pool party that night was terrific.  There were so many people that I couldn't keep all the names straight.  (I couldn't do that on the last day either, so guess it stands to reason on the first.....) 
I am still amazed at all the friendship and camaraderie that one man brought about.  To think that Guy Williams could do this by virtue of his on-screen presence is totally awesome to me.  What a legacy to leave behind....  even more than the screen credits. I had my cameras ready and shot what I could on video while there was still light enough to see.  Paddie Carter and Ellie gave a great fencing exhibition with Kathy Nance joining in.  You should have seen the faces of the other hotel guests who dared to venture down to the pool. 


Paddie and Ellie's fencing exhibition.  Fencing is a very exciting sport and it was fascinating to watch them.


 Pat had a bowl of her terrific homemade salsa to go with chips and most of us chatted and ate.  And yes, it was downright cold that night in California, especially after it had gotten dark.  I dipped into the pool and made an immediate beeline for the hot tub.  Ellie was the stalwart-- in the pool and in the hot tub, in the pool and then to the hot tub.  Definitely better than I, Gunga Din.
Then Kathy Gregory told me that SueZZZ's  (Sue Pearce) flight had been cancelled and that she wouldn't get in earlier than the beginning of the star ceremony.   I felt so bad for her, that would really stink.  But I was also feeling some fear, too.   Says Kathy, "You are it, dear.  You get to take the pictures at the ceremony."  AHHHH!
I had volunteered to take some videos, but was considering myself Bernardo to SueZZZ's Zorro.  I was the amateur, only having minimally used my husband's camera before this event. 
Throw me in the hot tub folks, next comes the baptism by video.....



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