Hollywood Walk of Fame

Day One, continued



More pre- Walk  of Fame activities




I could not help it.  Had to make the pilgrimage the day before.  The star is covered in clay, but you can still see Guy's name below it.  The excitement just kept building. 

Mann's Chinese Theater is almost across the street from the Roosevelt.


Ceiling of the lobby of the Roosevelt.


The staircase going to the mezzanine.   Picture doesn't do it justice


Roosevelt Lobby.  Much has changed since 01.

Near Mann's.  There were a variety of 'characters', much to the delight of tourists.



After the pool party, we adjourned to Kathy Gregory's room to watch Guy things on the TV.  Above picture:  Rob and Helen Hansen, Lise, Elise sitting on the bed.  Kathy on the floor in the foreground.  Michael on the floor on the right.   Picture to the right:  Michael, Jo in the background, Elnieda and then Rocky in the foreground. 


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