Hollywood Walk of Fame

Day Two




As I mentioned before, I wake up early when I get nervous and Thursday, August 2nd was no exception.  I woke up very nervous.  I realized that I had been so tired from all the excitement of flying in, the parties of the day before that I had neglected to charge up a battery.  It was with some relief that it charged in only an hour and a half.  I quickly put in the next one and hoped it would get enough charge before I went down to the ceremony, too.
At 8:30 I gathered up the cameras, the tripod and took off with Marian Robinson.  In case someone hasn't figured this out, I am a worrier....  
Anyway, when we got there they were working on the star.  It had tape around it and they were lacquering it to make it shine as well as to protect it.  They were very indulgent, these workers.  I suspect that they are also used to this sort of thing.


How's this for star treatment?   They took off the clay-like covering, lacquered the star at least twice, took the tape off, put a red carpet around it, and then covered it with a special plaque (see below.)




I was told that the best place to set up the tripod was near the palm tree, (that almost blocked the view of the star), but that changed when the other crews came and put up the risers for the paparazzi and the podium for the speakers right across from the risers.  The star was in the middle between the two.  The barricades kept us about fifteen or twenty feet from the curb, (and yes, part of Hollywood Blvd was blocked off.)  They did tell me the best place for a fan to get pictures--  right straight across from the microphone on the podium.   Would I get sound, I wondered, would the celebrities block my view, would SueZZZ be able to get there on time, would my back hold out?   Yup, worrier, that's me!! 
Johnny Grant was wonderful, very much playing the crowd, talking to us the last ten minutes before the ceremony began.  And he began right on time.                       




In this picture, you can see the crowds that have gathered, as well as the barricades.  I was told that there was in excess of 200 fans in attendance, the largest crowd for a star unveiling in a long, long time.   There were many more there in spirit, those who were unable to be there. 



I could not believe all the celebrities that showed up to honor Guy!  Almost all of the Lost in Space actors showed up.  There were ever so many Zorro co-stars who came also-- Suzanne Lloyd (Toledano's wife & Isabella), Richard Anderson (Ricardo del Amo), (both of whom spoke briefly), Don Diamond (Cpl. Reyes), Britt Lomond (Capt. Monastario), Anthony Caruso, BarBara Luna, and so many that I cannot remember them all.  Mary Spooner, Rocky Dubrow and others have made webpages about this wonderful event and have many great pictures of these people.  I was not able to get too many still pictures as I dealing with the video camera.                                              

Johnny Grant spoke briefly, introduced several local dignitaries as well as Guy, jr and the rest of Guy Williams' family, and then gave a brief description of Guy's accomplishments and life.  It was beautiful.  He then left the microphone for others to say a few words.  Finally it was time for the unveiling of the star.   It was very emotional with a great many tears and cheers.  A companion plaque was awarded to the family.  Then there was a great deal of time for photo ops...  However, it was difficult to get any good pictures because of the barricades.  I had brought a red rose from my father's funeral spray to give to the family to honor Guy, but was unable to do so.  Security would let no one who did not have a pass beyond the barricades. Kathy Gregory, a member of the committee that worked on getting the star, very graciously handed it to Guy, jr. with the explanation.  I  passed the video camera to Kathy, too.   She got some very charming photos, but somehow we missed each other and there are moments on the video where Kathy is saying, "Sue?  Sue?"  Thank you, Kathy, you are a queen.  Kathy Clements, (she was the 'pin lady'), was wonderful, too.  Never saw that woman relax.  They both tried their best to see if I could get in to film.  Thank you, ladies.                                                


Actually this was taken before the ceremony, but it's the best picture that I got of this beautiful star. 



Guy, jr. with the plaque following the star ceremony.  Janis and Don Diamond are in the background. 





Guy Williams, jr. holding the certificate declaring August 2, 2001 as Guy Williams Day.  And he has my red rose that I brought for the occasion. 


Posing for pictures after the ceremony.  Behind Guy, jr. are Don Diamond and Paul Piscerni, who was in a film with Guy.  (Dratted palm tree!)


Throughout the morning, because of a periodic back ailment, I had been popping Tylenols and naproxen, also worrying about whether I would get decent pictures, and worrying about everything else in general.  So by the time I went back to the hotel for the reception, I was very sore and tense.   
I changed and reached the Oscar room where the reception was being held, and found that there were no chairs.  So I left.  I could not stand on my feet anymore.  Again, I am indebted to Kathy G. and Kathy C. for coming to my rescue.  Kathy G. called and told me to get my butt down to the reception.  She found a chair and when that was taken, Jo, Ginger, Pat and others found a space on a window sill for me to sit.  When the crowd thinned out, I was able to try some of the wonderful Italian appetizers.  That was all it took.  The medicine took effect, everything looked right with the world again. 
After that, the first person I went to see was Janice Williams.  She is the person I most wanted to meet.  She has always seemed to me to be the epitome of graciousness.  For some reason, though this may sound silly, she reminds me a bit of Jackie Kennedy.   As she was originally from Tennessee, I had a jar of dewberry jelly, (which is related to blackberry, before anyone asks).   I also had some Zorro stories that I had printed out and bound up for Nando, just so he could see just a small smidgeon of what his father had influenced. 
I walked up to her, (with fear, I might add), introduced myself and told her I had something for her.  When I gave her the jelly and told her it was from Tennessee, she asked, "Are you serious?"  I said, "Yes, I picked it this summer and put it up just the previous week."  She teared up and I certainly did, too.  She hugged me and thanked me.  I apologized for being so emotional and she said that it is a trait of Tennessee women.  We both laughed.  Later I was able to get pictures with her, Guy, jr and Toni.  It was a thrill and gave me courage to talk to others.  I had talked a bit to Britt and Don while waiting to see Janice.  I introduced myself to Guy, jr. and felt so overwhelmed by his warmth and graciousness.  Toni and I talked about Nando.  



Bob May (the Robot) and I and Marian had talked outside the hotel, but we talked a bit more at the reception. 



I spoke with Fernando Lupiz and he, too, was very, very gracious, even though language was a bit of a barrier.  Fernando could best be described as Guy's protégé.  Guy taught him in Argentina to fence for the stage and I understand from Fran and others that he is excellent in his starring role in the Zorro stage play down there.  He showed me pictures from his play and he is so handsome in costume...  actually he is very handsome in a tan suit, too.   During the reception, there were several people who spoke at a podium, reminiscing about Guy.  The family spoke, of course, Bob May, Marta Kristen, Steve Stephens, Britt Lomond, all costars of Guy's.  Wendell presented the family with a replica of the Bronx street sign with Guy's name on it, and several other people spoke.  It was very special.


I felt truly grateful for those who were so kind to me, patted me on the back and calmed me down, and stroked me.  Thanks to Keliana and Gail for offering me a place at their table, even though there really wasn't room at the inn...    All of these people allowed me to savor these precious moments.  True friends, all.   But isn't that what it's all about?  Isn't that what friends are for?   Thank you, thank you....
And SueZZZ made it in time to see the ceremony.  I felt so happy for her about that, too.

Janice with Patricia Crumpler, a dear, dear list friend.  Pat had brought a couple of magazines that had advertisements that Janice had modeled for. 


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