Hollywood Walk of Fame

Day Two- continued




Sue Pearce and Paulette Hopkins.   This is what it was all about, my friends!   Just one of many happy moments at the reception.   Paulette is instrumental in Guy Williams being honored on the Bronx Walk of Fame in May of 2000.   She got the ball rolling. 



The Long Road to L.A.

by SueZZZZ

It's a very long road to L.A.
When I get there it will be just great.
Such a LONG, LONG way to L.A.!
And I can hardly wait.
I have packed my bags a hundred times, 
In my mind the work is all done.
and the schedule has been set for many a day.
Now I am ready to start up the fun!
But there are still six more days 'til I can get on the plane.
And I'm not sure yet what to wear.
And somehow I have to find the time
To get an appointment to fix up my hair.
I'm sure that I fret and I fuss more than I should
Yes, I can't help it, this is such a long-awaited event.
It is so special, I want it to come out just right!
So pardon me, my friends, if I vent. 

Now this long road to get me to L.A.

Has been traveled and here I am!
My friends I have met, the fun has begun
And all is going according to "The Plan."
Yes, it was a very long road to L.A.
But, I knew it was going to be great.
It was such a LONG, LONG ROAD to L.A.
But it sure was worth the wait!
Written on July 27, 2001, in anticipation of my trip to Los Angeles, California fo the Induction of Guy Williams to the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the subsequent Star Celebrations.)



What a vibrant lady!  Luna was so much fun throughout the celebration events.  



There is something about this picture of Toni Williams and her son, Nando, that appeals to me as a final shot for the Reception section.  (And it is difficult to see, but Nando is playing at his mother's feet while Toni is gazing out the window overlooking Orange and Hollywood Blvd.).

I want to thank Sue Pearce for allowing me to post her poem on my site.  I thought it fit the feelings that most of us had as we anticipated and then experienced this time. 


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