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Day Three

Iverson Ranch/Garden of the Gods/Bell-Berry Ranch





The trip to the Iverson ranch was fairly uneventful.  Don't think we lost anyone this time.  Most of the ranch has been sold off for private development, so it is with great thanks to Steve Stephens, (a Zorro guest star, remember Rudolfo, the young man that was going to fight the duel for the honor of Maria the barmaid?) that we were able to see the 'secret cave' and some other places where various scenes were set.  Some of the path was rocky, and it felt strange going behind people's houses.                                 




This is the entrance of the 'cave.'  Hard to see detail so close, (and there was a great deal of shade, as you can see), but the resemblance to the 'inside' of the cave looking 'out' was striking from a ways back.  Wendell had pictures of the various locations. 


We saw places where fake trees and rocks had been installed.  Someone found a fake rock still laying  around and pretended to lift it as though it were real.  (Had no idea how strong you were, Kathy Nance!)  We also got our first view of the San Fernando valley.  What a panoramic view that was, too!  There were various other interesting places, like the Lone Ranger rock and the remnants of the ranch itself, and then Steve and his wife invited us to their backyard where they gave us water to drink.  (It did get rather hot that day.)  It wasn't as warm it had been at Vasquez rocks, but warm enough after all that walking.  Steve also had pictures of himself and Guy for sale, which he autographed. 


Steve Stevens showing us part of the old Iverson Ranch.

  A set on part of what used to be the Iverson Ranch.  There is very little left of the actual Iverson Ranch nowadays.




Iverson Ranch area.  Loved the rugged beauty of this place.  It is no wonder that so many westerns were shot in this area.  (Bell/Berry, Iverson, Garden of the Gods were in close proximity to each other.)



Before we left the area we went across the street to a place (which is public) called Garden of the Gods.  (Someone tell me why it was called that, please.  I must not have heard that one.)  It was there that the easily recognized ride of Bernardo and Diego took place.  That is the stock footage where the pair ride down from behind an outcropping of rocks, with boulders on each side.  From certain angles it looked just like it popped out from the celluloid.  Behind that was a place where a scene from 'Seņor China Boy' was filmed, the scene where the boy falls off his horse and hurts his ankle while trying to escape the wicked ship captain. 


Garden of the Gods.  Does this look the least bit familiar.  I kept waiting to see Diego and Bernardo come down the trail.  Sigh.


We next went to see the 'surprise' place.  It was at the Bell/Berry Ranch a privately owned area, still very primitive.  I will be forever grateful of all who went to such trouble to secure a way into these places for us.   Anyway, up a washboard road we went, since it was very undeveloped.   We all arrived safely, though, and walked about a half mile to a site where, lo and behold, there stood the cabin that was featured in some of the Monterey episodes.  (The one where Reyes and Garcia were held prisoner, and the one where Bernardo was held prisoner.  Garcia was forced to dig his own grave and all Reyes would say is...  'I want to go back to Los Angeles', in that wonderful accent of his).  It was in a bad state of disrepair, trashed in fact, but still recognizable, especially from the outside.  We walked around, Wendell examined everything from the latch on the door to the tiles on the roof...  (no, he didn't climb on the roof). 



This is from the back of the cabin.  They used the back for one of the episodes and the front for another.   Incredible how they built this thing for only a couple of episodes and it's stood up to the ravages of time for over forty years.  Picture courtesy of Marian Robinson.


There were plenty of rocks to climb on to see everything around us, and there were hawks here, too, watching as they flew lazily across the sky.  The breeze was perfect, too, cooling us after a long day in the sun. 
As we walked further, we found the narrow little path between the two rocks from Secret of the Sierras, and, yes, it was narrow.  All I could think about were those narrow hips in that black outfit sliding between those rocks.  Talk about a tight squeeze.  (Oh, my).  And then Wendell and someone else, (please forgive my forgetting) found remnants of the snake that had been drawn on the boulder in the same episode.  It was the white part that was left, some of the outline.  When we got to the top of that path even more surprises awaited us....


I couldn't help it, I called this picture Maureen on the rocks.  (Maureen Gest) This was in that narrow area that everyone slipped through in the "Secret of the Sierras."   

A little easier to see in black and white.  It was much easer to see in person.  Again, amazing that it was there at all after so many years. 


These are both in the Bell/Berry ranch area.


We were on the rocks where the one bad guy was shot with an arrow in 'Secret of the Sierras.'  It was also where some of episode, 'Luckiest Swordsman' was filmed.  We could see areas where Diego and the imposter (forgot his name) fought and also where the imposter's cave was located. 

What a fun romp on the rock where Guy played clumsy swordsman!


It was so peaceful up there and it felt so comfortable just sitting around or exploring with everyone.  The sun was beginning to set and the sky was tempering to a mellow blue, tinged with the various colors of sunset.  It was not as brilliant as it gets here with all of our humidity, but it was still very soothing.  One could almost feel the spirits of those who had been up there before.  I sat down next to Julia Brooks.  (Gosh, my buns rested where Guy ran across the rocks...  wow!).  We let the breeze blow  soothingly across our faces, we rested and watched others exploring.  Shortly after the sun went behind the hills, we started back.  By the time it got dark we were down the hill and heading back to the hotel.  As we made our way down the freeway, we saw the full moon rise over the freeway.  I knew that there would be a full moon, but it was so exhilarating to see it after such a wonderful day.   


Skull Rock where Martinez hid in the episode, "The Luckiest Swordsman."

Later we converged on Kathy G's room where we got to toast the memory of Guy Williams.  (Thanks, Keliana for such a touching and appropriate tribute to Guy.)  Kathy Clements had leftovers for us to eat.  Marian had on her Zorro costume and I had on my LIS one.  We got to sing Servants of the King, and hear how two of our members proposed under the Pepper tree at the mission that day.  Congratulations to the happy couple.  A more fitting place to propose can't be imagined.)   Kathy also had her collection there for us to peruse.  It is unbelievable and I left in as much awe as I did when I was in Wendell's house. 
You all are super. 
Another wonderful day.

Silver suit and silver cat.  This was actually taken a couple of months after the HWOF, but I liked this picture better than the one taken at the party.  We all have our own brand of silliness, I suppose.


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