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Hollywood Walk of Fame

August, 2001




On this and following pages, I will be posting a chronicle of one of the most exciting times of my life.  This was the culmination of a work of love, a token of gratitude to a man whose acting has brought so much joy to my life, and sparked a hidden part of my imagination.  And this culmination was brought about by so many that they cannot all be named.  These pages are dedicated to all who love Guy Williams and the legacy that he gave us.

Most of the text will be taken directly from emails that I sent to the GWFriendslist during and just after the trip.   I hope you enjoy these pages just as much as I enjoyed putting them together.  This brings back so many wonderful memories. 


Okay, Lise Bergeron and I had to have our pictures taken with the man.  It would have been so much nicer if Guy had been there in person.  But we know that he was there in spirit, and was enjoying it.  


 Several people had said, while we were working for the star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, that Guy would have disdained this honor.  I never quite believed that.  Instead I believe he would have felt so very honored to get a star.  I found out recently that he had said something, during his acting days, to the effect that he would never get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  Oh, Guy, how wrong you were.  And how deserving you are of this honor. 

(This was taken at the reception following the dedication of Guy's star.) 


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