The Mask of Zorro


Gail Manfre



I am so very pleased to be able to post some of Gail Manfre's stories and poems here on my site.  I hope there are many more in the future.                            

Gail, self-proclaimed ragin' cajun, Mary Kay guru, font of all things Italian and all trivia Star Trek,  as well as Zorro, has an eye for detail that most of us can only dream of having.  

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A young Spanish gentleman of twenty-one
Returned home from University in Madrid to
Discover a new Comandante harassing everyone.
Those who dared raise their voices in protest
Were fined, flogged, and jailed like all the rest,
As if they were common criminals, no better than dirt.
If his father learned of his plans he would be badly hurt.


Don Alejandro demanded vengeance for all of these
Injustices committed in the Name of His Sovereign King
In order for the head of the de la Vegas to be free,
The young caballero knew he must act in secret, alone.
For Ferdinand VII was far away in Spain on his throne!
Who knew what the Comandante Monasterio would do?
With carte blanche, even the dons he would wipe out, too!


So Diego de la Vega, grown weary of playing the dandy,
Donned not the cloak of a lion, but the mask of a fox.
He sneaked into the Cuartel at night and did unlock
All of the prisoners' jail cells and untied all the horses'
Harnesses, directly and boldly under that Capitan's nose!
Ah, the soldiers in vain did they attempt to catch El Zorro,
But as everyone in the Pueblo de Los Angeles know no
One can catch the Fox, for he rides like the wind, wearing
A black mask, so everyone in dire need he can defend.


September 19, 2002

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