Musings about El Zorro       and Guy Williams



By Gail Manfre



Gail, the bayou Queen, Italian through and through, possessor of a wit as sharp as a rapier, has graced these pages with yet another poem, waxing poetic about the most handsome of men, Guy Williams, the alter ego of our favorite hero, Zorro. 

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I Shall Never Ever Hesitate
To Announce to One and All
My Reactions to El Zorro, Vivid
Emotions to Which you Can Relate
Ah, to Gaze at El Zorro's Masked Face
Can any Female Verily Not Smile
And Dream to be Carried Away
By Him to a Private Love Place?
His Gorgeous Hazel Orbs, Most Fair
I Long to Become Lost in Those
Twin Reservoirs of Sweet Light
Weekly, Daily, Hourly I Declare!
And Guy's Sexy Little Moustache-
How Would I Love My Lips to
Be Tickled by His Tender Kiss
He Does This With Such Panache!
His Large Masculine Hands- I
Believe I Could Remain Forever
In His Tight Embrace, Forsooth
Should I, Could I?  Oh, Yes, Would I!
El Zorro, My Dear Beloved Guy
When I See Your Big Shoulders, I Swoon;
Towels Disappear Into Thin Air,
And Icebergs Become Extinct, Oh My!
El Zorro, My Dear Beloved Guy
In Short My Head Spins and I Faint
My Poor Pulse Rapidly Escalates.
And, Every So Often I Just Drool
Because you are The Z Man, I'm No Fool.
You are After All, My Guy!


With thanks to Tammy Keller for her lovely background. 


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