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Another goody from Gail, extolling the virtues of the man in black.....

(Gail, ragin' Cajun from Louisiana, Mary Kay guru, font of all things Italian and all trivia Star Trek,  as well as Zorro, has an eye for detail that most of us can only dream of having.)  

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He aids my concentration
He is my true inspiration
Just by being his magnificent self, El Zorro!
He enhances visualization
He transcends appellation
When he rides with great steed Tornado.
His sword skills incur admiration
His moves cause me vexation
When he swishes his saber through the air.
He gives me such true elation
He inspires my imagination
Simply by smiling that dazzling smile.
He provokes my fascination
He entices female sensations;
When those long legs stride across the room.
He pleases my sensations
He amplifies my contemplation
Whenever he shrugs off his silk cape.
His hazel eyes cause body vibrations
He is the lone star in my constellation
Don Diego de la Vega, my El Zorro.
His virtues are not, in summation,
Open to anyone's annotation.
He simply defies human computation, my El Zorro.
His attributes are not subject to any disputation
Or subject to any foolish arbitration
By my sworn affirmation, Guy Williams
Is simply mi corazon, my El Zorro!
Gail D. Manfre
December 7, 2002.


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