My Favorite Pictures of Guy Williams



This picture, as did most of them, came from Jill Panvini.  As all of my friends know, I dearly loved Guy in the silver suit.  I would have replicated the darn thing down to the silver combat boots, as I did the Zorro costume, but there are some things that you just cannot replicate, so I had to settle for a ladies silver suit.   Although Guy was older than his Zorro days, he was every bit as handsome and masculine as he was eight years earlier.  (What am I talking about?  He was handsome until the day he died!)  I only wish that he could have achieved his potential in this role.  Like Zorro/Diego before him, John Robinson was every inch the hero as well as a wonderful father figure/leader





This picture is one of my favorites because it shows the intense joy Guy Williams felt with this role. Although he had to get used to the demanding schedule of shooting day in and day out and though the instant fame and adulation had to be intimidating, there was still that satisfaction of having found 'THE' role, that once in a lifetime opportunity that many people just dream about.  And this was the perfect role for him.  Into Diego de la Vega, Guy projected a natural aristocracy, poise and style that seemed to be a part of his own psyche.  Into Zorro, he projected charm, enthusiasm and that blend of seriousness along with boyish good humor.  It is no wonder that many feel that Guy Williams was born for this role.





I like this picture because it shows so clearly the merry rogue, the clever trickster that was a part of our man Zorro.  In this shot, he is hanging upside down from the roof taunting a soldier who is chasing after him.  He is about to shoot down a planter that will bonk his pursuer on the head.  Hanging plants had very short lives in the Pueblo de Los Angeles.  They were thrown on people, cut down with swords, and, like this picture, shot down.  Actually, hanging plants were more accurate than the lancer's musket balls.                


Guy could show his emotions so very well in these shows........  Here he is surprised when he confronts his double, a man that Monastario has hired to impersonate and discredit him.   His surprise was short-lived, though.  In the next moment, he burst into furious fencing action.


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