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Garcia's childlike innocence and his wonderful, good heart, prevent him from becoming jaded or uncaring even under the worst of circumstances.

His spirit is tender and kind.  It is his saving grace and most endearing quality.  Sergeant Garcia runs an entire gambit of emotions in many episodes:  He can alternately be awed, dreamy, delighted, puzzled, terrified, resigned, brave and grateful.

Garcia who, while supposedly simple minded, often displayed a nobility, firmness of resolve, sweetness and grace that showed a much more complex personality.  He is a man who strives for so much, yet cannot achieve it, but he comes back to fight another day.

He can be foolish or greedy one moment and heroic or generous the next.  He can be a dull wit on some matters and quite clever in other areas.  He can be self serving or demonstrate his heart of gold.

Thanks to Henry Calvin's talent and skill, we learn about Zorro's "big, fat Sergeant" and discover that we like him very much. 

MaryAnn T. Beverly



The Great Mind of 

Corporal Reyes


Corporal Reyes' mind works in mysterious ways.  He is logical in the second Monterey episode when Garcia asks him about which route everyone would expect them to take.  "Past the winery!" he announces.

The episode about the gunpowder is a good example of this mind at work.  He is quite logical about the gun powder.  It doesn't act like gun powder.  He even reasonably decides he can't tell if it tastes like gun powder since he has never tasted gun powder before. 

He points out that since Garcia said he would question every person in the cuartel, he should also question Seņora Toledano.  After all, she is a person.

The machinations of this odd mind create a great deal of comedy.  I think Don Diamond's special gift is that even when we are laughing at Corporal Reyes' strange thinking processes, we laugh at him with great affection, never derision.  Reyes is so lovable and has such a good heart, it is impossible not to enjoy every moment he is on the screen.

MaryAnn T. Beverly



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