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Zorro's cape conceals his physique
But not the good that he seeks.
It hides him in the dark of night
But does not obscure his sword of might.
Zorro's cape on Tornado's back
Is the ebony sheen of black on black.
It flies in the wind when Zorro rides,
And shields him when lightening splits the skies.
Zorro's cape cloaks the elegant fox, 
Adding mystery and charm and grace.
It completes the costume of mask and sword,
An alluring legend for all time and place.
Zorro's cape is the stuff of dreams, 
The illusion of shadow it creates.
It keeps our hero safe from prying eyes
When the sign of the Z lights the sky.
by MaryAnn T. Beverly




Happy Birthday,



No matter how you look at it,

Two strong characters,

One very special man.




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