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It would not be possible to have a Guy gallery without including this picture.  In this publicity shot you can see all the reasons why Guy Williams was the perfect choice for the role of Diego de la Vega/Zorro.  He projects the traits that have endeared us to this character, that heroic angst along with the charm.   

The selection of Guy for Walt Disney's Zorro is almost legend by now, but how could someone at the screen test look at that man and not say to themselves...."This is Zorro!"




This is a painting (middle) that was inside a cover of one of the Innovation LIS comics.  I didn't care for all the extraneous materials that were on the page with it, so I scanned, used my handy-dandy photo tools, matted it and voila!  I really feel that the artist caught Guy well in this picture.  Below is a photo for comparison.        

When Lost in Space was good, it was very, very good, when it was bad, it was horrid.  In some of the episodes, Guy shone, portraying a character that was strong, a true leader of a dangerous expedition, a caring father who did not look for trouble, but would not hesitate to do anything necessary to protect his family.  **When Guy was good, he was very, very good, when the show was bad, he still did his best.



(Right) I love this charming little picture that was sent to me last year on my birthday by Vivi, a very talented friend from France.  She based it on a picture from a coloring book.  The caption reads "I must hurry up to put my Don Diego's clothes (on).  Sue is waiting for me at her birthday party."  What a wonderful present, (the card, that is, not Diego....   Hmm, now that you think of it, Diego would be nice, too.)  Thanks, Vivi.

Below and to the left are screen captures from Lois Dodson, taken from a Password episode that Guy was on during his Lost in Space days. I love his thoughtful gaze.  Guy Williams was just as intellectually grounded as he was handsome and charming.  He read avidly, had a deep interest in science, photography and music.   Good heavens, intelligence and incredible good looks in the same package.... be still my beating heart.    Thanks, so much, Lois.




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