Guy Gallery Three




Most of my gallery pages are pretty much the same as they were before.  They have been fixed a bit to make them easier to read, or to make the backgrounds more interesting, or to make the various items on the page come up better, but this page I decided to throw in just for fun.  I thought to myself that if I popped in any disk in my disk box (and it's a big box), I would find a picture of Guy that would look magnificent on my site.  And I was right!  Here are several pictures that I feel are definite eye candy.  Enjoy!





Guy made Captain Sindbad in Germany after he did The Prince and the Pauper.  He had his family with him and enjoyed all that Europe had to offer.  While Sindbad could conceivably be considered a grade C picture, it gave us memorable moments with Guy.  And the picture to the right is one of them.  What a beautiful, gorgeous face!                         




This is a beautiful picture of Guy before his Zorro days.




From Bonanza.  I am not sure which episode this is, but even not knowing which of the six episodes this is from, there is a depth of emotion in this little picture that showed just what Guy could give out.  

And he was still very pleasing to the eye.............




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