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Most of the non-publicity shots on my site were originally from Jackie Hunt, via Jill Panvini.  This one was part of a composition of more than one shot.  I cropped it so that I could highlight this picture.  The Prince and the Pauper shots also come from Jill Panvini. 

A beautiful shot from The Prince and the Pauper, a film made by Disney in 1962 for his Disney Wonderful World of Color series.  It was later packaged for theaters and then later for video.  Even though Guy was only in half of the two hour film, he was a powerful presence, playing the hero, Miles Hendon, the former prisoner of war who befriends the young prince, Edward.  At first Miles humors the young boy, thinking the rag-clad pauper to be addled, but he comes to realize that this boy, who switched places with the real look-alike pauper, is the real prince, then king of England.  Guy in doublets and hose, looking exasperated as this dirty, ragged boy orders him around, is a sight.  His duel with his wicked brother in Hendon Hall is wondrous and amazing.  This movie, in the tradition of most of Disney's historical films is a treat.




 As good as Guy Williams was in Zorro, he was excellent in Bonanza. (right)  He acted with an intensity that made the rest of the cast look amateur.  Although I love the character of John Robinson, this was the role that Guy should have been able to run with for years, after Zorro of course......





Guy looked good in anything, beard, toga, black cape, silver suit, whatever.  In a picture from the stinker, "Captain Sindbad," (right) he looked mighty fine...on a ship, in a swamp and in a white suit with... now who was that woman he married in that picture?   Below, Guy plays Damon in the Italian movie, "Damon & Pythias," a pretty good movie about a rogue and nobleman who become unlikely friends and allies during troubled times.  Guess who plays the rogue?





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