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All of what is on this page and the next is art work in various mediums.  I have already posted drawings by Matt Baker on the Caesar pages, and the exquisite black and white pictures of Guy by Patricia Crumpler on the bench project page.  On this page I am putting even more.....    I hope you enjoy these as much as I have!                  

This is by Patricia Crumpler to illustrate a story that she has written.  She was kind enough to let me use it on my geocities site.  I am hereby officially showing it off here. 



Here are more from the set of cards that included the Diego and John Robinson that were used on the mugs. Absolutely exquisite renditions of our favorite Guy. 

As Damon from the Italian film, Damon and Pythias on the left, and Sindbad from the German film, Captain Sindbad on the right.




Above is another picture of Guy by Patricia.  Although it was not intended  to be any particular role, I felt it captured the pensiveness of the character, Will Cartwright from Bonanza.   Above right is a drawing of Guy in his role of Miles Hendon from The Prince and the Pauper



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