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These pictures were sent to the GWFriendslist via Ans van der Wal of The Netherlands.  They came from Italian fans Annamaria and Luisella, (they of the intrepid courage on Vasquez Rocks).  The artist is Mr. Iozzino, who drew them, (pen), after watching a videotape of Zorro episodes sent to him by the Italian ladies.  Enjoy...   bon appetit!





I see the one below as the dreams of Annamaria Verdugo, after Zorro has left, wondering who the mysterious, charming and heroic masked man could be, and finally, finally seeing Diego as the man of her dreams.  


  Below, the caption says: "Hasta la vista, seņora."  (Sigh, hasta la vista, Diego!)

To the right, two studies of Sgt. Garcia, one alone and one with Diego.

Thank you so much, Ans, Annamaria and Luisella and especially, Seņor Iozzino.





Wonderful composite of so many recognizable characters...  Bernardo, Zorro, Alejandro, Diego, Reyes, Garcia, and I venture to guess, Margarita and Esteban. 

Below are my favorites:  studies of Guy as Zorro, unmasked and Garcia, presumably in the tavern. 






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