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Even though it is not Valentine's Day but once a year, I wanted to post these wonderful cards created by Patricia Crumpler.   My thanks to Sue Pearce for reminding me of them.  I had posted them on my old site a long time ago, but forgot about them when I began building this one.   



My absolute favorite.  My heart indeed, sigh!!! If there was an Olympic event in windowsill sitting, Guy would have won the gold many times over. 

I noticed that this one below was SueZZZ's personal favorite.   It is my runner-up, by the tightest of margins.  It is to die for.   Phew, is it hot in here?  As Keliana would say, bring on the polar bears and the ice caps.  But then that would be cruel to the polar bears, wouldn't it?  It would simply be too hot for them in here to survive. 



Hearts and flowers and John Robinson!  Definitely be mine!




    What more can I say....   Swoon, plop.

                                          Yes!  Yes!  




Oh, goodness, I hope so. 


I hope you have enjoyed these little cards as much as I have.  I can't help but think that the combination of hearts and Victorian-style flowers along with pictures of that beautiful man, make Guy seem even more appealing. 



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