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I had the most wonderful good fortune to make a trip to New York, the summer of 2001.  I drove up with a couple of dear friends, Patricia Crumpler, Ginger Lemons and Ginger's daughter, Adrienne, and stayed with another friend, Jill Panvini.  We visited the city, friends, Ohlinger's, (forget eBay, this is where you can get real deals on stars' pictures!), one of the greatest Zorro collections in the world, friends.....                                     What a week!       

This lovely place is called The Bird and the Bottle.  It is a bed and breakfast in the hills between Wappinger Falls, where we were staying, and NYC.  It is here that Guy Williams and Janis Cooper came when they were courting.  It sits back at the end of a lovely, tree-lined, secluded drive.  




This is the apartment building in Manhattan that Guy lived in as a boy.  It was about four or five stories up, so think it was the third one up in the picture.  Jill Panvini drove me through this charming little neighborhood, having been there a time or two previously with friends during the Bronx Walk of Fame celebration.  I want to thank Paulette Hopkins for doing the initial legwork for these places.  



This is the front entrance to the apartment.  To a Tennessee girl, this was a unique  experience.  Not that I hadn't  been in cities before, but going from one borough to the other with someone who really knew the city, now that's living!

I believe, if I didn't get totally confused, that this area, where Guy lived, is called upper Manhattan, not far from that next borough, The Bronx. 




       Here stands George Washington High School where Guy attended school.  It is only a few blocks from the apartment building that he lived in.  I was truly amazed.  The school was less than ten years old when Guy attended, but it still looks wonderful.  Most school buildings in other parts of the country would have been demolished and replaced several times in the years that this majestic building has been standing.


A group of us gathered for dinner at Sgt. Garcia's, a wonderful little restaurant in Queens.    The owner, when he knew we were there, popped in The Sign of Zorro.  Definitely a man after our own hearts.  He also treated us to dessert.  We came back with t-shirts and coasters.  And I must admit, those were hot wings!    If you are ever in New York City, you must stop in there.                                                          

From left to right:  Patricia Crumpler, Jill Panvini, me, Julia Brooks, (kneeling), Mary Sheeran, and Ginger Lemons, the bravest driver/traveler I have ever met.  Behind us is the namesake of the restaurant. 


Wendell Vega was such a wonderful host.  He, and his wife and daughter entertained and fed us twice.  And he gave us the grand tour of his Zorro collection.  (What he called the dime tour, as opposed to the nickel tour.  Do you think I would take less than the dime tour?) That collection is a labor of love.



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