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Saturday, Nov. 27th, I will be at the Norman Depot from 10 to 2 for the Authors and Artists Holiday Event. Come on out and see us. A great opportunity to buy books for presents!  

Saturday, Dec. 11th. Enid Public Library from 10-2 with a variety of other Oklahoma authors.     


It's here!        A new science fiction novel called, Crossroads to the Stars!

The moon holds secrets that could give humans the stars; or it could destroy them!

It is more adult, but in the grand style of the old sci fi masters. If you liked Robert Heinlein, Andre Norton, Clifford Simak and others, you will like this one!

Order link: Amazon (click on button)  





A new book will be joining my others, hopefully before the year is out. Besides Billy Bob Flybottom (see news below) I have signed a contract with World Castle for a Realms of the Cat prequel, called First Realm. More information to follow!

Moon Crusher has a sequel, in process of being critiqued.  A religious historical novel, Long Journey Home (working title) is also being critiqued. 

I have several other novels in various stages of completion. Another Moon Crusher sequel, a paranormal science fiction, a submarine science fiction adventure novel (Tales of the Sea Dragon), and its sequel. I have also started a novel about a group of colonists whose spaceship crash lands on a faraway planet.

Have to keep busy!!


  The latest:  Billy Bob Flybottom is available now from   

Doodle and Peck, (they ship FREE!)  Doodle & Peck  

You can also order from Amazon.

New review:

Billy Bob Flybottom by Susan Kite is aimed at children aged 6-10 years old. This book was lovely and fun to read with beautiful illustrations throughout
I sat with my nephew who is 5 for many hours and he loved it. He was still talking about it several days later where I sat down with him again and went through it all again. We had many laughs going through it and I love to hear him laugh out loud! Christmas Stocking filler is going to be easy for me this year! lol.

"Billy Bob is as tough as a cedar tree and as strong as a team of mules. He can out-chop, out-plow and out-hoe anyone in the Appalachian Mountains."

When the tales of his incredible exploits travel to nearby Corn Pone Holler, bully Jimmy John Rockriler gets jealous. He wants to fight!

Billy Bob gets creative! and so did my nephew..........Brilliant book!!!







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