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New Book!  

 Zorro- 100 Year Celebration. Coming out May 1st. Includes a novelette by yours truly!

 "On sale May 1, 2020, from Bold Venture Press, a new Zorro Anthology. This new book will   contain a collection of brand new Zorro stories by contemporary authors: Diana Barkley; Linda Bindner; Bret Bouriseau; Eugene Craig, Scott Cranford; John French; Susan Kite; Joe Lovece; Richard Lupoff; William Patrick Maynard; Daryl McCullough; William  Patrick Murray; Pamela Elbert Poland; M K Ross; and Francisco Silva."

   The title will be Zorro: the Daring Escapades




Other News

Coming soon: The Legend of Billy Bob Flybottom from Doodle and Peck Publishers. 

(Billy Bob won 3rd place at the Royal Palm Literary Award in October 2019, and 1st place for Children's story with Oklahoma City Writers, as well as Honorable Mention from the Oklahoma Writers for Middle Grade fiction.) Publication is tentatively scheduled for fall.  Because of the Covid 19 pandemic, Billy Bob will be delayed at least 6 months. I will give updates as I have them. 

Check out this! so/81M-Ey9iR 


Contract with World Castle Publishing for Moon Crusher, a young adult science fiction. 

Moon Crusher is in the editing phase.





Realms of the Cat is available in paperback, ebook form, and hardback, as are all of Ms. Kite's books.    


Follow this link to see the trailer for Realms of the Cat:





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