Divided Planet







Two weeks later, with a slightly temperate breeze blowing across the plain on which the Jupiter II sat ready and waiting for take off, the leaders of the Rylorr and the Grringol met with the humans for a farewell.  Inside the spacecraft, John was making explanations from under the console of the navigational controls.  Rrangruk and Mmringorr were waiting for him to finish.  "That neutron star played havoc not only with your planet, but with my space craft as well," his muffled voice came from underneath the console.

"That is why you were forced to land on our planet," Rrangruk commented.

"Yes, and as soon as the star traveled far enough away, the equipment came back online again.  All I have had to do now is make minor adjustments."  The two Ugorrim heard a thud, a sharp cry from their friend and something mumbled, which they couldn't understand.  Shoving the tool tray out ahead of him, John slid out behind it, rubbing his head.  "You would think that with all of the technology on Earth, they could either make these things unbreakable or at least make a console with enough space to work under it."

Rrangruk whuffed softly in laughter.  Mmringorr smiled. 

"Robot, do a diagnostic and see if we are finally able to take off."  With quick compliance, the robot wheeled to the central computer terminal to make the necessary tests.  An affirmative brought a smile of satisfaction to John's face. 

Walking down the ramp, the group joined the rest of the humans and Urgorimm. "I can never thank you enough for giving me back my life-mate," Maureen said softly to Rrangruk.  Standing on her toes, she pulled his face down to her and gave him a kiss on his furry cheek.  Rrangruk grunted softly in surprise.

"Maureen Robinson, I think that one life for hundreds of thousands is a good return.  Your life-mate has more than repaid any debt that someone might feel he owed.  I am grateful for his help in bringing our people together," Rrangruk told her.  

Pulling his friend aside, John privately posed a question.  "You're a doctor, Rrangruk.  What are the chances of my youngest daughter developing paranormal abilities?" he asked, explaining the visions Penny had experienced.

"Has your daughter had these kinds of dreams or been extra-sensitive to the needs or emotions of others before this voyage began?"  Rrangruk asked.

"Penny has always been a sensitive child with a great deal of empathy for others."

"Perhaps, this voyage has increased this empathy of hers.  I wouldn't worry about it at any rate," the Rylorr reassured him.  "Keep an eye on her.  You know, great good could come from her increased ability."

John nodded his thanks.  "Yes, through her, the rest of the family had an idea that I was alive.  I'm grateful for that."  They joined the rest of the group conversing near the ship.

In the setting sun, the crew of the Jupiter II boarded, and the space ship took off with only a slight displacement of dust and debris.   The Ugorrim below watched until the craft was nothing more than a mote in the darkening sky.

On board, Don West set the controls to guide them on a course, which they believed would take them closer to Earth.  "When we come out of hyper drive, we would like to have the wedding, John," he said to his future father-in-law.

Maureen joined him at the view port.   Arm in arm, they gazed at the beauty of the heavens.  “But before the wedding, you will get rid of that beard,” she commented in a no-nonsense tone of voice. 

“Yes, dear,” he acquiesced with a contented smile.

Looking out at the distorted starlight trails that were part of hyper drive flight, John gazed in newly discovered awe.  "Wonderful.  A wonderful beginning to our journey back home." 

Maureen murmured, “Yes, it is.”

" 'And he brought him forth abroad, and said, Look now toward heaven, and count the stars, if thou be able to number them...'  " John recited softly and hugged his wife close.


The End


(The quote in the last paragraph is from Genesis 15:5.  SK)


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