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     The story has been removed for major re-editing. Please excuse the inconvenience.
The Planet Series--
    Divided Planet: An uninhabited planet holds a deadly secret.
    Planet of Wishes: Penny finds new friends on an idyllic planet.
    Planet of Freedom: A desperate gamble to save Earth.
    Planet of Dragons: The Robinsons' little friends hold an amazing secret.
    Nightmare Journey: A frantic journey through interdimensional gates.
    Planet of Tranquility: A peaceful water world is filled with incredible danger. 
Rendezvous with the Future:
     Zorro is kidnapped by space aliens.  How will the Robinsons' get him home?
Twelve Lost Days of Christmas by Pat Crumpler
     Penny records the events of one Christmas ruined by Dr. Smith.
Lost in Space Christmas Synopsis
     A short synopsis of a memorable Christmas for the Robinsons.
Unintended Consequences by Ruth L
     A followup to the episode, "Follow the Leader."


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