The Federation is desperate for the rare materials probes have detected on Mendel, but the systemís blue sun is deadly to humans. The solution? Create a race of young mutated humans who can live and work on the planet.

            Corree, a genetically enhanced human, has successfully led her small group of forest mutants for five years.  Then the weird dreams begin. They disclose the groupís previously suppressed memories and lead her on a search to find other mutants. When her quest takes her to the desert, Corree discovers a sinister plot as well as a terrifying enemyóone that will carry her far beyond Mendelís solar system.    



In Blue Fire, Corree is again captured, this time by the Federation. Her destination is the Federation home world. She must not only escape, and return home, but help the others on Mendel fight the robots that have been sent to the planet to subdue them. A surprising ally helps her escape; the science station where they were created is the key to their victory.


In Power Stone of Alogol, Corree uncovers a plot by a renegade scientist to overthrow the Federation government and destroy all non-humans. It is on a distant planet that Corree finds the means to fight the dissident movement and allies to help her succeed.



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