Fourteen-year-old Diego only knows the rolling hills and pastures of his fatherís hacienda in 1829 Spanish California. His peaceful, simple life is shattered when  Diego is captured by alien reptilian warriors. He is now a slave on a huge space ship surrounded by technological advances not yet imagined. Unable to communicate, Diego struggles to survive and gain the respect of his captors. When trouble comes, will he be able to unite his fellow slaves to fight a more deadly enemy or will he betray the trust of Ziron, the shipís commander? And will Diego regain his freedom and eventually return home to Earth?     

***Moon Crusher won 1st place in the Oklahoma City Writers Contest, 2019, Oklahoma Writers Federation (state) 1st place, published YA novel, 2021, and third place in the Royal Palm Literary Award from Florida Writers, 2021.


The story continues with Planet of Outcasts!  

   Diego believed he'd found his freedom, but little did he know his real journey was just beginning.

After the Resh's defeat, he's thrust into a role as a sub-commander in the Seressin Empire, under the watchful eye of the formidable Commander Ziron. Yet, the world he had been born in was gone, leaving him struggling to make sense of it all.

Setting out on a trip to Grrlock with his best friend, Rreengrol, to visit family, Diego anticipates a relaxing vacation. But when they're abducted by toad-like Resh forces and taken to the dreaded Resh system, his reality takes a dark twist. Forced into a team of assassins with a chilling mission--kill Commander Ziron and the Supreme Commander--Diego has no way to warn his mentor or stop the impending disaster. He must have confidence in his own abilities and those of his otter-like friends, the Turengen, if they are to prevent the assassins' deadly plot.      

Then Diego must face a deadly decision; return to the nighmarish world of Resh. His mission--to rescue Seressin hostages--is a daring gamble testing his courage to the limit. In this gripping sequel to Moon Crusher, Diego's journey unfolds against a backdrop of unrelenting suspense and self-discovery. Will he rise as the hero Seressin needs, or will the shadows of his past consume him?


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